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How We Pivoted in the Pandemic

A window look from inside a Cedar + Stone sauna
A window look from inside a Cedar + Stone sauna

From the start our hope has been to help people relieve stress. The sauna has always soothed the anxiety of our lives. 

With the Coronavirus pandemic and the global unrest over the death of George Floyd right here in Minnesota, our collective levels of anxiety have spiked. We cheered on and supported our essential workers and medical professionals as they have been at the frontlines of all of this difficulty.

We’ve quarantined, lamented, listened, and marched in the past months. It has been heavy on all of us.

In mid-March due to our governor’s orders we needed to press pause on our community sauna location on the shores of Lake Superior. It was difficult not to serve people with a way to relieve stress in these trying times. 

While that business was on hold, we were able to take another part of our dream and put it into motion. From the beginning we knew that people wanted an experience of sauna both in a community setting and at home. We watched our community stuck at home, anxieties rising, and looking for ways to invest in wellness. So we started building again.

It turned out to be the perfect time.

We knew that people wanted an experience of sauna both in a community setting and at home.

We began creating custom built saunas for client’s homes and lake cabin properties. We masked up, and worked hard for months designing, fine tuning, and working with clients who wanted that heirloom quality sauna for their families. 

We are honored to show you the results.

Cedar and Stone Custom Saunas. We are committed to creating spaces for wellness that will last generations. Here our our guiding values:

Heirloom Quality: We believe that making an investment in a sauna means you should receive a product that lasts. Cedar and Stone Saunas are built with heirloom quality craftsmanship at every step. Enjoying our saunas is an investment in your wellness for decades to come.

Learn more about our build process from our team: Why We Build

Sustainable Practices and Materials: Sauna has always grounded us. In the heat we must focus and be present to the here and now. Even more traditionally, saunas were built with a focus on the resources that the land offered: timber, stone, water. These simple, and elegant structures were the first buildings built on Finnish immigrant homesteads. 

As Cedar and Stone Nordic Sauna, we are committed to caring for the place in which our saunas are built and delivered to. We use locally sourced materials when possible, and our regional supply chains are helping to support local businesses and economies in this difficult season we are in.

Exceptional Client Care: We build more than saunas, we build relationships with our clients. Our hope is to hear your story and design a sauna solution for your specific needs. This isn’t an off the shelf sort of operation. 

We believe your sauna should be designed exactly for the space you will be enjoying it.  Need some more room for the kids? Great. Outdoor shower perhaps? Simple. Want the app enable stove so you can start heating the sauna on your way home from work? No problem.

Check out this story from our first custom build clients, our friends Eric and Deb.

We are grateful, in trying times. 

It’s truly been amazing to see how serving clients has helped us not only survive, but grow in these past few months. We’ve hired staff. We set up our new manufacturing facility here in West Duluth.

And honestly, this post isn’t about us, our team, or our savvy. We couldn’t be more grateful for those clients who share our vision for high quality, thoughtful Nordic modern design, and investing in their wellness for generations.

As a kid I always grew up with high quality sauna experiences at home. This was because members of my family invested in sauna for our homes and at the cabin. Some of my best memories as a family are in the sauna, enjoyed during long summer nights, and cold winter months. 

If you know someone who desires to invest in the wellness of their family, we’d love for you to let them know about us. Or are you looking for a custom sauna for your home? We’d love to chat. 

You can download our seasonal catalogue or reach out to our office.

With so much gratitude,

Justin Juntunen
Founder, Cedar & Stone Nordic Sauna

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