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Our team of specialists is here to support you in every way as we create the sauna experience best suited to your needs, location, and budget.

Justin Juntunen from Cedar and Stone Nordic Sauna

Justin Juntunen

Sauna Consultant, Founder of Cedar & Stone Nordic Sauna

Kristine Hagstrom

Designer, Knutson Custom Construction

Andrew Knutson

Builder & Co-Owner, Knutson Custom Construction

Our Builder: Knutson Custom Construction

We are partnering with one of Duluth’s best custom builders to create an experience that is not only high-quality, but unmatched in build quality and design. 

Knutson Custom construction is a family-owned general contractor with an excellent reputation for design-build, new home construction and remodeling, as well as light commercial buildings.

They are certified Energy Star/Green Builder and are certified Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) installers.

They strive to build the most efficient and low environmentally impacted project possible by using reclaimed materials and state-of-the-art products.

For more information visit:  knutsonbuilds.com

Providing you the ability to make it through a long winter.

Let's create your sauna experience together

Knutsen and Cedar and Stone Sauna Design