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Understanding Sauna Business Models that Work: From Mobile Rentals to Immaculate Bathhouses


JUNE 5TH, 2024 | 11AM CST – Are you asking if investing in a sauna startup could be profitable for you? Are you beginning to sketch out the business of your dreams that serves your community and also creates profit? Startup costs can be mysterious, daunting, and difficult to figure out. Join us for an interactive webinar conversation dedicated to understanding startup costs for sauna businesses. Helping you to discern how much your vision costs, how much money you have, and where to start taking action.

Learn from seasoned sauna business owners Annette Scott, owner of Kodawari Studios and Revivery and Justin Juntunen, owner of Cedar & Stone Nordic Sauna.

HOST: Justin Juntunen, Co-Founder and CEO, Cedar and Stone Nordic Sauna
PANELIST: Annette Scott, Owner, Kodawari Studios and Revivery

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This 12-month program focuses on six key areas that every sauna entrepreneur needs to launch a successful business: vision, experience design, sauna build, business model and plan, operations, and marketing. Through our thoughtfully conceived coursework, small group coaching, lectures, check-ins, and networking events you can chart your path toward opening a profitable business that also aligns with your core vision and values.