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Public Saunas, Bathhouses, and Thermal Spas: Why is North America Falling in Love?

North America’s Sauna Boom

Why is North America discovering the public sauna in the 21st Century? You’ve probably heard of the bathhouse boom, the sauna surge, and the cold plunge craze. We invite you to join us for an interactive webinar to dive into the growing market in North America. This conversation is open to all, with a special focus for entrepreneurs, investors, and business owners looking to join the growing wave of thermal wellness here in North America.

Host: Justin Juntunen, Co-Founder and CEO, Cedar and Stone Nordic Sauna
Panelist: Adam Bamba Tanaka, Chief Operating Officer, Therme Group US

In this conversation, you will hear:
– North America is Falling in Love with Bathing Culture?
– Sauna as the World’s most Malleable Space
– The Future of Sauna in North America

– Therme Group US – https://www.thermegroup.com/therme-group-us

Three Case Studies to Get Your Creativity Flowing:
– https://cedarandstonesauna.com/sauna-success-in-a-small-town-andrea-pitman/
– https://cedarandstonesauna.com/forest-bathing-retreat/
– https://cedarandstonesauna.com/finding-balance-in-opposites-andrew-lachlan/

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