Cedar and Stone Nordic Sauna

bespoke saunas

designed for your distinctive vision

one of a kind

custom design from conception to completion

from conception to completion

Electric or wood-fired heat. Cold plunge tub or waterfall shower. The choices are yours to make throughout the build process ensuring your sauna is one of one. 

designing with purpose

healthier for you and the environment

From the cross-laminated timber used to construct our walls and roofs to the non-toxic interior and exterior finishes we source from domestic makers, every selection for your sauna is thoughtfully chosen with the planet in mind.

commercial-grade saunas

designed for thousands of guests

Would you ever use a kitchen coffee maker or Nespresso machine to run a successful coffee shop? We didn’t think so. The same is true for the sauna at the heart of your business. Residential saunas aren’t built for the traffic of thousands of bodies or to operate for 25-90 hours a week. 

We are deeply committed to bringing high-quality sauna to the North American market in a bigger way. We strongly believe that there needs to be more sauna businesses in the world and if we can make your journey to launching easier the entire market will benefit.

setting the new standard in sauna

selected bespoke projects

floating saunas

BE the talk of the water

When it comes to floating saunas, no one knows the ropes like us. We build large, commercial-grade saunas from fully seafaring to stationary, barge-based build-outs.

When it comes to floating saunas, no one knows the ropes like us. We build large, commercial-grade saunas from fully seafaring to stationary, barge-based build-outs.

mobile saunas

When having a sauna at home just isn’t enough

Want to hit the road with your sauna? We can help with that, but we’re not just throwing on some wheels and calling it a day. We consider all aspects of making a unit travel-friendly, from water and electric hookups to wood storage, enabling effortless setup and flexibility for a variety of parking locations.

frequently asked questions

1. Reservation Deposit
With a deposit of $15,000, we will save your spot in our production queue making sure your sauna is ready when you need it.

2. Sign Contract
Let’s get all the details on paper. Our team will work with you on all aspects of your project. We will consult on design choices, final finishes, site access, and utility preparation.

3. Sit Back & Relax
As we begin ordering and construction, our team will keep you updated as your sauna’s being built. Most projects move from deposit to completion in 4-6 months. Our team will work with you on a target date for installation to ensure any needed site prep is completed.

4. Shipping & Installation
When your sauna is complete we will coordinate shipping with our carriers and any needed local contractors. Installation commonly lasts 1-3 days. Then you can start enjoying your sauna practice.

Contact our team to get started.

Most clients invest with us like you might with a vehicle. Our bespoke projects range from $80,000-$250,000, with our standard model saunas starting at $49,900.

Investments begin with a refundable $15,000 reservation deposit. 

We require an initial 50% payment upon contract signature with another 40% due as we begin your build.

The final 10% is paid for release of shipment.

We believe sauna should be a long-term investment in your property, health, and family. Unlike most kit and barrel sauna options, all of our saunas are designed to last decades with proper care. 

With this in mind, we provide a full 2-year warranty on our products.

Don’t want to start with a blank canvas? Prefer a simpler, quicker design process? Check out our standard models—some of our best design decisions we’ve curated into sauna sizes just for you. Plus, there’s just enough customization to make it your own.

Model 3

Model 5

Model 8

explore our bespoke builds

Beautiful. modern. versatile.

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