Cedar and Stone Nordic Sauna

Monthly Community Cold Plunge

Accessible, Social, Inclusive

come take the plunge!

why we do this: 

This monthly event exists for folks looking for a place to safely cold plunge and meet some new friends. This is wonderful for all ages, bodies, and levels of experience. We will have the sauna heated for you to warm up before and after. Join us!

  • When you sign up for a 45 minute session, you will have access to our Harborside Cold Plunge, wood fired and electric saunas, and outdoor deck.

Our Duluth Experience is located at 800 W Railroad St. next to Pier B Resort. 

We host these events monthly. They are typically scheduled on the 2nd Sunday of every month.

These sessions are $20/cold plunger 🙂 

To plunge with us, you must bring your own ‘water shoes’, a towel, and a water bottle. Once you book, a lot more detail is provided in your confirmation email.