Cedar and Stone Nordic Sunrise Sauna

Sunrise Sauna

30 mins

What do you need to focus on to start your day? Whatever it is let us guide you through a sauna session built to help you relax and focus. These quick sauna sessions are built around mindfulness, silence, and solitude.

Guided experience, local coffee, tea, water, and towels provided — $29

Cedar and Stone Nordic Sauna Sunrise Sauna

Social Sauna Happy Hour

60 mins

Stressful week? Come join us and melt away that stress in the sauna with your friends. These social sauna sessions are built to help you rejuvenate and connect.

Guided experience, local tea and water, and towels provided — $49

Athletic Recovery Sauna

30 mins

Sauna’s benefit post workout are nearly unmatched, helping with inflammation reduction, muscle soreness, blood flow, and increase of growth hormone levels helping you with better gains from your workout after sauna. We will guide you through an invigorating sauna and cold plunge therapy that will help you recover for your last work out as you add sauna to your wellness practice.

Guided experience, local tea and water, and towels provided  $29

Cedar and Stone Nordic Sauna Athlete Recovery Experience

Women’s Led Sunday Sauna

60 mins

Need a day with your girlfriends? Join us for a women-led and women only sauna session. Rest, relax, connect together. You’ll leave recharged and ready to take on the world again.

Guided experience, local tea and water, and towels provided — $49

Private Group Sauna

1-4 hours

Do you have an event, family gathering, business, or other group that would benefit from a group experience of sauna. We would love to schedule a private event with you where we can treat you and your group, and leave you all feeling great.

Guided experience, local coffee, tea, water provided — Contact us for pricing and scheduling

Gift the Sauna Experience

Sauna is always better shared.

Rather than giving more stuff, give an experience that is healthy and memorable. Who do you know who would love to feel the warmth, relaxation, and joy of sauna?

Cedar and Stone Nordic Sauna Spa Experience


The more you sauna the healthier it is for you. 

By purchasing a monthly or yearly membership you will receive discounted rates on sessions and retail, member perks, and invitations  members-only events.

Our Monthly Unlimited Membership: Offers you the chance to sauna as much as you would like. Our one hour sessions average around $49, if you use the sauna weekly this membership package begins paying for itself after your third session each month. Cancel anytime, short commitment big health benefits  — just $149 per month.

Yearly Unlimited Membership: For those ready to integrating sauna into your weekly wellness practice. With this membership you get as many weekly sauna session you would like. If you used it just once per week it would average to only $29 per one hour session! If used weekly this is $20 off our average one hour session of $49. Compared to our monthly unlimited package you are receiving two months free — just $1490.

All of our packages include


Guided Sauna Experience


Swimsuited Sauna

(we are still in the Midwest)


Locally-Sourced Beverages


Health & Wellness Benefits


Time to Rest & Rejuvinate

How to prepare for your visit

  1. Bring your swim suit, towel, and sandals.
  2. Hydrate before, during, and after your session.
  3. We will take care of the rest.

Discover the health benefits