Our Experiences Include


Guided Sauna and Cold Plunge


Swimsuited Sauna

(we are still in the Midwest)


Herbal Tea + Aromatherapy


Health & Wellness Benefits


Time to Rest & Rejuvenate


We are open 5 days a week, hosting anyone who lives, works, or plays in Duluth. It would be an honor to host you. 

Floating Sauna Session

90 mins | Available weekly

Join us for a guided sauna session — communal style on a Floating Sauna! Like many traditions, you will share the sauna with other people. You will all enjoy our wood-fired sauna, natural cold plunge, herbal tea and more. —$99/guest, communal. 

Private Sauna Session

75 mins | Available weekly

Our private, guided experiences include access to our sauna as well as our natural cold plunge. When you book this option, your party will be the only in the sauna. —$79/guest, 5 person capacity


Social Sauna Session

75 mins | Available weekly, check availability by clicking BOOK NOW

Join us for a guided, social sauna session. In line with many thermal bathing traditions, you will share the sauna with other people. Relax, connect — together. When you join us for this session, multiple parties and up to 10 individuals will be present. This is a more social environment vs. the private session option.— $49/guest or check out our session packs 


5 and 10 Session Packs (Social Sessions)

Always available.

Become a regular. The more often you sauna, the better it is for you. When you invest in bulk, we invest in you. 

5 Pack (Social Sessions) $179
10 Pack (Social Sessions) $299


Full Facility Rental 

Starting at 90 mins |  Please email peyton@cedarandstonesauna.com to book this option

This is a wonderful option for larger groups and special occasions. Company parties, wedding events, family reunions, retreats…the sauna is the perfect place to gather with your people. 

This customized experience includes access to all of our facilities. Our 10 person wood fired sauna, 5 person electric sauna, changing cabin, outdoor deck, and cold plunge.  Our team of sauna guides will give you and your group a memorable and relaxing experience. This is a great option for groups of all sizes and we can accommodate up to 15 people — Starts at $1,185 


Northern Minnesota trees

Find the right Experience for you 

We would love to host you next time you are in Duluth.Check out our activity schedule by date to choose a time that works for you. 


Cedar and Stone Spa Sauna Sessions

Gift Cards

Sauna is always better when shared.

Rather than gifting more stuff, give an experience that is healthy and memorable. Who do you know who would love to feel the warmth, relaxation, and joy of sauna?


We’ve got you covered: Read our FAQs to learn about what we are up to in more detail. 

If you have questions that do not see answers or clarity to, please reach out to our team by emailing booking@cedarandstonesauna.com.