Frequently Asked Questions

At Cedar & Stone Nordic Sauna want to support and serve you the best we can. Here are some of the most common questions we get asked. If you don’t see your question here, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Sauna Experience FAQ'S

Well, life tends to be a little stressful.

And the place for us that relieves our stress the most, tried and true, works every time is the Nordic Sauna.

We at Cedar & Stone provide guided sauna experiences to help people learn the health benefits, the practice, and the history of sauna. Most people have only experienced the sauna at their gym or a sauna at a hotel with a list of rules the size of Wyoming on the wall. Our sauna guides teach you and guide you in an experience that will leave you de-stressed and ready to enjoy all that Duluth has to offer.

These experiences can be purchased per session, as a group, in a bundle package, or if you need a sauna at your home we can build one for ya.


We provide the highest quality sauna experiences with thoughtful Nordic design, wood-fired stove (built right here in Minnesota), and panoramic views overlooking Lake Superior.

We think of heat like many think about good food or wine.

We think in terms of quality.

And until you have had the best quality, you really don’t know what you are missing out on. In terms of quality, most gym or hotel saunas leave us feeling let down. If you like things that are done well, of the highest quality, and with attention to detail we know you will enjoy some time here at Cedar & Stone.

All of our experiences include:

  • Showers and changing rooms
  • Highest quality wood-fired sauna experience
  • Trained sauna guide to help teach you the wellness benefits, how to, and history of sauna.
  • Breathtaking views of Lake Superior – we are just a few steps from the water
  • Local tea and water for enjoyment and hydration
  • Fresh towels
  • Time to rest, rejuvenate, and enjoy the many benefits of sauna


And many people have the best night of sleep they have had in months after a sauna session. Let us know how you slept after your session.

Our booking is done online via our website.

You can learn about all of our sessions here.

Then when you are ready just click the “book now” button on your page.

Our sessions have been booking up in advance so the sooner you book, the better your chance to secure your ideal time slot. 

Otherwise, we can accommodate booking weekend sauna experiences up to an hour before they begin.

Expect to work up a healthy sweat while in the sauna. Hydrating with plenty of water ahead of time will help your body make the most of this cleansing experience.

Just a swimsuit. It is also a great idea to bring some sandals or flip flops, especially in the wintertime so you don’t freeze your toes on our Duluth snow. We will take care of the rest.

Some guests choose to bring a robe as well, but that is optional.

Fresh towels, showers, changing rooms, local tea, and more amenities to make you comfortable are all provided.

Many people only know sauna from their local gym or by the pool in the hotel. This usually looks like hopping into the sauna for a few minutes after their workout.

Yet, not many people know the full practice of sauna that includes hot, cold, rest, rehydrate, and repeat – the thermic cycle. This cycle is wherein we receive many of benefits from sauna, the stress relief, the wellness support, and more. 

Sauna is so much more than just sitting in a hot room. Let us teach you how to sauna well, soaking up the heat and the cold for the full experience. 

This process in our space is guided as much or as little as you like. If you are a sauna veteran who wants very little extra support, we will gladly give you the space to enjoy. If you are new, curious, and want someone to walk you through more of the process, we are happy to help.

  • Mindfulness 
    • The sauna is an amazing place to disconnect from the noise of the outside world, take a digital detox, and focus on the beauty of the present moment. 
    • Be here now with your people, your self, your body, and your breath.
    • This is mindfulness at its most basic, noticing and accepting what is without trying to change it.


  • Breath work and Gentle Stretching
    • You may also want to utilize some breath work during your cold cycle with slow and relaxed breaths. 
    • The heat in the sauna loosens our muscles and can be a great tool for releasing tension and pain from our musculoskeletal system. 


  • Extra Hydration
    • To support the detoxification capabilities of sauna, make sure you hydrate plentifully 2 hours before and after your session. 
    • Enjoying freshly made juices, herbal tea, and water infused with slices of fruit are all good ways to replenish lost electrolytes from sweating. 

For our Winter/Spring residency 2020, we are located adjacent to The Inn on Lake Superior at 350 Canal Park Drive, Duluth, MN.

We are right on Duluth’s Lakewalk on the shores of Lake Superior.

For more info on where to find us with directions and maps see here.

Our weekend hours for sauna are: 

  • Saturdays and Sundays, 9am-9pm


We are also available for private sauna sessions by appointment Monday through Friday at the time of your choosing between 10am-7pm. You can find more in depth info about all of our offerings here.

The health benefits of sauna really begin to set in when you regularly use sauna as a part of your wellness habits, in this way the benefits are cumulative.

At Cedar & Stone, we are building and serving a community of people who are wanting to include sauna as a part of their regular commitment to a flourishing life.

You can find more information about our bundle package deals here.

Yes they are. We are no longer functioning as a community sauna to allow for a safe experience during the pandemic.

When you book with us you close out the space for only you and your people up to ten. This follows proper guidelines of social distancing and offers you a chance to join and relieve any stress with your people. 

We have implemented even more stringent cleaning protocols as per the Minnesota Department of Health and the CDC. To read more about our response to COVID, click here.

As a local small business, serving you is important to us. Our cancellation policy helps us support you and our staff when changes need to be made. 

We can accommodate rescheduling or cancellations 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. Within 24 hours cancellations are non-refundable. 

Custom Built Saunas FAQ's

Only the best saunas. 

A custom sauna is an investment in you and your family’s well being.

We’d love to find the right solution for you.

Wood-fired or electric?

Mobile so you can bring it down to the lake in the summer, or installed at home?

You can learn more about our custom built saunas here. Or if you aren’t ready to build, but want regular sauna book now.