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At Cedar & Stone Nordic Sauna want to support and serve you the best we can. Here are some of the most common questions we get asked. If you don’t see your question here, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Sauna and Cold Plunge Experience FAQ'S

Check out this video for a general overview of our Duluth Experience! Duluth Sauna Experience Overview

All Sauna/Cold Plunge Experiences are reserved in advance, and include a personal Sauna Guide to help you throughout your 75-90 minutes. We have three saunas on-site(each explained more thoroughly in the next questions). Each session also includes the harborside natural cold plunge, which is completely optional, and not required, as well as many other amenities outlined below. 

As a Cedar and Stone guest, you get to regulate what the session looks like as far as how long you stay in the sauna, if/when you cold plunge or cool off outdoors, and how you integrate the other components to the experience such as aromatherapy, Lӧyly (the Finnish word for sauna steam, or “spirit of the sauna”), the Sauna Guide, and rehydrating beverages. We encourage you to listen to your body, and have created the perfect space to do so.

All of our experiences include:

  • Beautiful Harbor Side views including a great vantage point of the Lift Bridge
  • Trained Sauna Guide to help teach you the wellness benefits, how to, and history of sauna.
  • Our Harborside Natural Cold Plunge
  • Organic tea and water for enjoyment and hydration, and all-natural electrolyte beverages (included with Private and Floating Sauna sessions)
  • Organic Aromatherapy Essential Oils
  • Fresh towels
  • Outdoor patio with furniture to enjoy cooling off and fresh air
  • Shower and changing rooms available inside Pier B Resort, as well as limited changing stalls in the Cedar and Stone Experience space.
  • Time to rest, rejuvenate, and enjoy the many benefits of sauna

All of our sessions include the Harborside Natural Cold Plunge! This is not required or expected, but a great opportunity to embrace the full spectrum of thermal bathing. 

All of the Sauna Experiences include the Harborside Natural Cold Plunge! A list of amenities included with all Sauna Experiences is explained above. The primary differences are explained here:

Public Floating Sauna

Tour Our Floating Sauna // Nordic Design on the Water

This is our newest Sauna, and we are so excited to share this with the public. The Floating Sauna features two wood-fired stoves, a private back deck patio area, and a rooftop deck (open during spring and summer months). 

Sessions are 90-minutes, and accommodate a capacity of 10 people total. When you book others may join from the public as well, making this a social experience (private bookings are also welcomed for this space for an additional rate, reach out to booking@cedarandstonesauna.com for more information). Sessions are $99/person.

Private Sauna

This Experience features our 5-seat, private sauna space. These sessions are 75-minutes in length, and once you book the sauna it is reserved exclusively for you (1-5 people).  

This sauna building has a small room outside of the “hot room”, for you to place any belongings, as well as to cool off between rounds if you prefer to stay indoors. This space also includes your own patio furniture to enjoy the fresh air outdoors, as well as a deck area with a tended fire (deck area is shared with the Social Sauna guests). 

This sauna is heated by an electric Huum sauna stove, surrounded by hundreds of pounds of sauna rocks to create a beautiful, yet highly-functional thermal environment. Even though this is electric, it still allows for Lӧyly (the Finnish word for sauna steam, aka “spirit of the sauna”). Sessions are $79/person.

Social Sauna

The Social Sauna features a wood-fired sauna stove and has a capacity of 8 guests. Sessions have a 75-minute duration. When you book, others may join from the public making this a social experience.

This beautiful space includes a room outside of your sauna hot room where you can place belongings in cubbies, and offers an opportunity to cool off and rehydrate between rounds indoors if you’d like. Outside of this sauna is a deck area with an outdoor fire for you to enjoy throughout your rounds of thermic cycling (a term for the process of hot, cold, rest, rehydrate, repeat). Sessions are $49/person and membership options are available. 

Check out this video highlighting our Harborside Natural Cold Plunge!

The Cold Plunge Revolution: Why More People Are Embracing the Benefits of Cold Water Exposure

With beautiful Harbor Side views, our cold plunge is complete with 2 ladders for safe immersion and exit, room for up to 4 people to plunge at once, and a trained guide present for both education and encouragement. The cold plunge setup has a cage platform at the bottom, which is about 4.5 feet deep. 

Water temperatures range from the mid to low 30’s late Fall through early Spring, and usually stay 60℉ or lower year round. Occasionally temperatures reach above 60℉, but this still offers a stark contrast from the 160-200℉ sauna temperature. 

Just a swimsuit. It is also a great idea to bring some sandals or flip flops, especially in the wintertime so you don’t freeze your toes on our Duluth snow. 

Some guests choose to bring a robe as well, but that is optional. We will take care of the rest.

Fresh towels, showers, changing rooms, local tea, and more amenities to make you comfortable are all provided as part of all of our Sauna Experiences.

Many people only know sauna from their local gym or by the pool in the hotel. This usually looks like hopping into the sauna for a few minutes after their workout.

Yet, not many people know the full practice of sauna that includes hot, cold, rest, rehydrate, and repeat – the thermic cycle. This cycle is wherein we receive many of benefits from sauna, the stress relief, the wellness support, and more. 

Sauna is so much more than just sitting in a hot room. Let us teach you how to sauna well, soaking up the heat and the cold for the full experience. 

This process in our space is guided as much or as little as you like. If you are a sauna veteran who wants very little extra support, we will gladly give you the space to enjoy. If you are new, curious, and want someone to walk you through more of the process, we are happy to help.

Connected to our patio deck area, we have a changing Cottage including two changing stalls that are shared with all of our Sauna Experiences. Usually these are available during your session start and finish times.

When larger groups are on-site these changing stalls may be occupied by other guests. If so, we offer changing space (and a private shower) just inside Pier B Resort, just steps away from the Cedar and Stone Experience space. We recommend coming with your bathing suit on under your outer layers to help you get right into your session upon arrival.

We offer 5- and 10-pack memberships for our Social Sauna sessions, as well as an Unlimited Social Sauna membership on a month-to-month basis. 

Traditional Nordic Sauna usually ranges from 160-200℉. For Private Sauna sessions you can request a warmer or lower temperature within this range, and for our Public and Social session temperatures are usually around 175-185℉

Water temperatures range from the mid to low 30’s late Fall through early Spring, and usually stay 60 or lower year round. Occasionally temperatures reach above 60, but this still offers a stark contrast from the 160-200 sauna temperature. 

In order to plunge with us you must be wearing some sort of footwear. You are welcome to bring your own pair of “water shoes” or we also have wool socks for you to use. Our Sauna Guides are professionally trained to answer any and all questions before,  during, or after your plunge. If you have never cold plunged before, introducing cold exposure through short cold showers can be a great way to begin this practice. 

Another helpful tip to facilitate an optimal cold plunge experience is to practice mindful breathing, perhaps finding a breathwork approach that aligns with you. Generally we recommend deep, full breaths, and practicing this before cold plunging is a great way to set yourself up for success.

This is very important because when we hit the cold, we naturally hold our breath or breathe shallowly, yet our breath is our best tool to regulate our nervous system and mind through the intensity of the moment. Finding times throughout your day to breathe deeply prior to cold plunging will likely help you breathe well during your cold exposure as well. Breathing in through your nose is also beneficial.

We provide the highest quality sauna experiences with thoughtful Nordic design, and natural cold plunge. Our saunas are built with exquisite beauty at the forefront. 

We think of heat like many think about good food or fine wine. We think in terms of quality.

Our Public Floating Sauna and Social Sauna utilize wood-fired stoves, and our Private Sauna integrates more modern technology with an aesthetically-appealing Huum electric stove encompassed by hundreds of pounds of sauna rocks. These features welcome Lӧyly (the Finnish word for sauna steam, or “spirit of the sauna”).

And until you have had the best quality, you really don’t know what you are missing out on. If you like things that are done well, of the highest quality and with attention to each detail, we know you will enjoy some time here at Cedar & Stone.

Custom Built Saunas FAQ's

We build the best saunas in North America. We believe in building beautiful and functional saunas that are light on the planet and built to last.


At this time, All of our saunas are custom built and made to order with the clients’ needs and location in mind.  We do plan to offer standardized models to make the process even easier for you to invest in you and your family’s well being.


We specialize in stand-alone outdoor Saunas that are wood-fired or electric. We can build the sauna on a trailer so that it is mobile or a more permanent structure. We build both for residential and commercial settings. 


Want to build your own sauna? We are happy to help you source materials like a custom door or a beautiful stove. We also provide a custom consulting service for a more in depth support. 

Learn more about our Sauna Made Simple consulting package here.

Want to learn more about a Cedar and Stone Sauna for your home or business? Click here to schedule a free 30 minute design call.

As a manufacturer, we are focused on outdoor saunas built here in Duluth, MN, delivered and installed on your property. 

For in-home builds, we provide sauna design consultation and products to support you and your local craftspeople. 

We also partner with our friends at AUROOM, to offer some prefabricated sauna kits as well. Shop our in-home sauna solutions here

Our Process to help you from sauna dreaming to regular stress relief is three simple steps. 


  • Custom designed for your space
  • Flat rate to work with our design team ($495)
  • We consult and discover your needs for a great sauna.
  • You receive digital 3D renderings.
  • No risk to you, design investment is rolled into the project budget when you are ready to build.



  • Sign our build contract, and pay initial deposit (50% of project cost) or begin financing.
  • We will schedule your build into production.
  • You will be updated by our team as the build progresses with photos and video of progress.
  • Timelines are usually 12-16 weeks from deposit.



  • Problem solving for unique locations and build challenges.
  • We will work with you for any site prep needed.
  • Our team delivers and installs your sauna so that you have the confidence it is done right.

Schedule a  free 30 minute design call. We look forward to connecting with you. 

Great question. How much is it worth to get rid of all your stress? 

Investing in a sauna is investing in your wellness. Okay so how much does something like this cost? 

As a custom builder the sky is the limit. Want a 15 person mobile Sauna with panoramic windows like we have here in Duluth? Great. That would be the 125k build. And it will be the size of a tiny home to live in if you need us to put a few bunks in there. 

Most families invest with us like you might in a vehicle. Then it just depends on what vehicle you’d like. Perhaps the Lexus with more trim, amenities, and larger size. Those projects can be in the 65-75k range. Or maybe you want the Toyota? Smaller, basic features, and of course reliable. Those projects usually start around $50k. It just depends on what you need. 

We’ll help you get there.


We would love to.

We are based in Duluth, MN and provide shipping and delivery throughout the U.S.A. and Canada.

Once we’ve completed design work with you, our usual lead time for projects is 12-16 weeks from the deposit. 

Every site is different.

For some there is a perfect place already set up, other times we need to crane the sauna over the house.

Our team will work with you to assess the site and solve any of the site prep needs. 

Custom Products

We do. Our outdoor waterfall bucket showers are a joy to use, with a full deluge of water over your head to refresh and enjoy.

Take a look here.

Yes. We built custom cold plunge solutions as well. Cold therapy people and heat therapy/sauna people are always friends. Reach out to our team, and let’s talk about your cold plunge needs. 

You can check out our options here – or set up a time to connect with our team here.

It sure can. We understand the desire to take the wellness practice of sauna on any adventure.

Check out our video of delivering a mobile sauna 1600 miles across the U.S.A.