Frequently Asked Questions

At Cedar & Stone Nordic Sauna want to support and serve you the best we can. Here are some of the most common questions we get asked. If you don’t see your question here, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How can we help?

Sauna Experience FAQ'S

Well, life tends to be a little stressful.

And the place for us that relieves our stress the most, tried and true, works every time is the Nordic Sauna.

We at Cedar & Stone provide guided sauna experiences to help people learn the health benefits, the practice, and the history of sauna. Most people have only experienced the sauna at their gym or a sauna at a hotel with a list of rules the size of Wyoming on the wall. Our sauna guides teach you and guide you in an experience that will leave you de-stressed and ready to enjoy all that Duluth has to offer.

These experiences can be purchased per session, as a group, in a bundle package, or if you need a sauna at your home we can build one for ya.


We provide the highest quality sauna experiences with thoughtful Nordic design, wood-fired stove (built right here in Minnesota), and panoramic views overlooking Lake Superior.

We think of heat like many think about good food or wine.

We think in terms of quality.

And until you have had the best quality, you really don’t know what you are missing out on. In terms of quality, most gym or hotel saunas leave us feeling let down. If you like things that are done well, of the highest quality, and with attention to detail we know you will enjoy some time here at Cedar & Stone.

All of our experiences include:

  • Showers and changing rooms
  • Highest quality wood-fired sauna experience
  • Trained sauna guide to help teach you the wellness benefits, how to, and history of sauna.
  • Breathtaking views of Lake Superior – we are just a few steps from the water
  • Local tea and water for enjoyment and hydration
  • Fresh towels
  • Time to rest, rejuvenate, and enjoy the many benefits of sauna


And many people have the best night of sleep they have had in months after a sauna session. Let us know how you slept after your session.

Our booking is done online via our website.

You can learn about all of our sessions here.

Then when you are ready just click the “book now” button on your page.

Our sessions have been booking up in advance so the sooner you book, the better your chance to secure your ideal time slot. 

Otherwise, we can accommodate booking weekend sauna experiences up to an hour before they begin.

Expect to work up a healthy sweat while in the sauna. Hydrating with plenty of water ahead of time will help your body make the most of this cleansing experience.

Just a swimsuit. It is also a great idea to bring some sandals or flip flops, especially in the wintertime so you don’t freeze your toes on our Duluth snow. We will take care of the rest.

Some guests choose to bring a robe as well, but that is optional.

Fresh towels, showers, changing rooms, local tea, and more amenities to make you comfortable are all provided.

Many people only know sauna from their local gym or by the pool in the hotel. This usually looks like hopping into the sauna for a few minutes after their workout.

Yet, not many people know the full practice of sauna that includes hot, cold, rest, rehydrate, and repeat – the thermic cycle. This cycle is wherein we receive many of benefits from sauna, the stress relief, the wellness support, and more. 

Sauna is so much more than just sitting in a hot room. Let us teach you how to sauna well, soaking up the heat and the cold for the full experience. 

This process in our space is guided as much or as little as you like. If you are a sauna veteran who wants very little extra support, we will gladly give you the space to enjoy. If you are new, curious, and want someone to walk you through more of the process, we are happy to help.

  • Mindfulness 
    • The sauna is an amazing place to disconnect from the noise of the outside world, take a digital detox, and focus on the beauty of the present moment. 
    • Be here now with your people, your self, your body, and your breath.
    • This is mindfulness at its most basic, noticing and accepting what is without trying to change it.


  • Breath work and Gentle Stretching
    • You may also want to utilize some breath work during your cold cycle with slow and relaxed breaths. 
    • The heat in the sauna loosens our muscles and can be a great tool for releasing tension and pain from our musculoskeletal system. 


  • Extra Hydration
    • To support the detoxification capabilities of sauna, make sure you hydrate plentifully 2 hours before and after your session. 
    • Enjoying freshly made juices, herbal tea, and water infused with slices of fruit are all good ways to replenish lost electrolytes from sweating. 

We are located adjacent to Pier B Resort at 800 W. Railroad St. Duluth, MN 55802.

We are right on Duluth’s Lakewalk on the shores of Lake Superior.

For more info on where to find us with directions and maps see here.

Our weekend hours for sauna are: 

  • Friday — Sunday, 9am-9pm

We are also available for private sauna sessions by appointment Monday through Thursday at the time of your choosing between 10am-7pm. You can find more in depth info about all of our offerings here.

The health benefits of sauna really begin to set in when you regularly use sauna as a part of your wellness habits, in this way the benefits are cumulative.

At Cedar & Stone, we are building and serving a community of people who are wanting to include sauna as a part of their regular commitment to a flourishing life.

You can find more information about memberships by emailing

We have an emphasis on private sessions to allow for a safe experience during the pandemic for most guests.  

When you book a private guided sauna session with us you close out the space for only you and your people, up to ten. This follows proper guidelines of social distancing and offers you a chance to join and relieve any stress with your people. 

We have limited available community session on Sundays — this is a true community style sauna where you may be enjoying the space and experience with people you don’t yet know. The sauna is a wonderful way to build connections.

Private sessions are booked at our standard rate per person, while community sessions are priced accordingly to allow more people to be there.

We have implemented even more stringent cleaning protocols as per the Minnesota Department of Health and the CDC. To read more about our response to COVID, click here.

As a local small business, serving you is important to us. Our cancellation policy helps us support you and our staff when changes need to be made. 

We can accommodate rescheduling or cancellations 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. Within 24 hours cancellations are non-refundable. 

Custom Built Saunas FAQ's

Only the best saunas. 

A custom sauna is an investment in you and your family’s well being.

We’d love to find the right solution for you.

Wood-fired or electric?

Mobile so you can bring it down to the lake in the summer, or installed at home?

You can learn more about our custom built saunas here. Or if you aren’t ready to build, but want regular sauna book now.

We believe that when you design something specifically for a location, you get to enjoy it more. The windows are in just the right places for the view. The colors and aesthetics coordinate with the property. It is not an “off the shelf” experience, but rather, something designed just for you.

All of our saunas are custom built with the clients’ needs and location in mind. 

We are always striving to choose the best quality materials, as well as materials that can be sourced locally and regionally with lower environmental impact. We work with multiple local timber providers, window manufacturers, and sauna stove makers to provide you the best experience while investing in our community. 

We would be happy to!

All of our saunas are custom built, so we’d love to hear from you about what you’re dreaming about. Our team would love to provide a free sauna design consultation. 

Just click here to find a time that works for you!

As a manufacturer, we are focused on outdoor saunas built here in Duluth, MN, delivered and installed on your property.

For in-home builds, we provide sauna design consultation and products to support you and your local craftspeople.

Click here to connect with our team.

Our focus is on the highest quality custom built saunas. We are often let down by the IKEA-style snap together sauna kits. At this time, we do not provide sauna kits to be constructed on site. 

Yes. We provide a custom consulting service.

Learn more about our Sauna Made Simple consulting package here.

Great question. How much is it worth to get rid of all your stress?

Investing in a sauna is investing in your wellness. Okay so how much does something like this cost?

As a custom builder the sky is the limit. Want a 15 person mobile Sauna with panoramic windows like we have here in Duluth? Great. That would be the 125k build. And it will be the size of a tiny home to live in if you need us to put a few bunks in there.

Most families invest with us like you might in a vehicle. Then it just depends on what vehicle you’d like. Perhaps the Lexus with more trim, amenities, and larger size. Those projects can be in the 65-75k range. Or maybe you want the Toyota? Smaller, basic features, and of course reliable. Those projects usually start around 35k. It just depends on what you need.

We’ll help you get there. 

This year with the pandemic, everyone has been stuck at home and stressed out.

It’s been sort of the Super Bowl of saunas.

People are investing in their homes and their wellness, all over the world. That has made material shortages and supply chains difficult for anyone building.

We always quote our projects on the best available market rates for materials used. 

We love to design something custom, just for you. Rather than off the shelf sauna, we work with you, to listen to your needs for each project. Our team would love to provide a free sauna design consultation. 

Just click here to find a time that works for you!

At this time, all of our saunas are custom built, so we would love to hear from you about what you’re dreaming about. Our team would love to provide a free sauna design consultation. 

Just click here to find a time that works for you!

Our Process to help you from sauna dreaming to regular stress relief is three simple steps. 


  • Custom designed for your space
  • Flat rate to work with our design team ($495)
  • We consult and discover your needs for a great sauna.
  • You receive digital 3D renderings.
  • No risk to you, design investment is rolled into the project budget when you are ready to build.



  • Sign our build contract, and pay initial deposit (50% of project cost) or begin financing.
  • We will schedule your build into production.
  • You will be updated by our team as the build progresses with photos and video of progress.
  • Timelines are usually 12-16 weeks from deposit.



  • Problem solving for unique locations and build challenges.
  • We will work with you for any site prep needed.
  • Our team delivers and installs your sauna so that you have the confidence it is done right.


 Get started by setting up a free sauna design consult here.

We are geeks about heat, like many people are about food or wine. The heat source for a sauna is the most important investment. At the heart of every sauna is a great stove. That’s why we invest here first and engineer the space around the best stoves. Created with convenience and quality in mind.

The big question is: Do you like the romance of a wood-fired stove or the convenience of a high quality electric stove? Press the button via your phone, and the sauna will be warm and ready for you after your Nordic ski, bike ride, or long work day.

Check out our stove selection here.

An essential ingredient to great sauna is the ability to heat stone to pour water on top of to create steam for the space. Infrared heating methods don’t allow for this. In some countries, they aren’t even allowed to be called a sauna. There’s a lot of buzz about infrared because it is quick and easy.

If you haven’t experienced more traditional sauna, we invite you to see what you’ve been missing and book a session with us.

Book a session here.

To start a project with us, we would begin with design work, 3D renderings, and a quote for your build.

To get building, we start with 50% down payment of the project investment. Some people choose to work with a lending partner to finance the project, just like any home upgrade or remodeling project.

We have a few preferred lenders, and we have found it can be helpful to work with your local bank, with whom you already have a relationship, to see where you can find the best rates. 

We provide a curated selection of products to make it easy for you to choose just the right aesthetic and options for your sauna. Here’s an overview:

Your Custom Sauna Overview


Yes. We love working with skilled design professionals and are happy to discuss ways we can collaborate or execute on your vision. 

Click here to connect with our team.

We don’t want you to have a construction project in your backyard for multiple months.

All of our saunas are built in our manufacturing space in Duluth, MN. This allows us to provide a much more controlled environment, so we can create higher standards and quality.

Once your sauna is complete, we deliver and install it to your site. 


We would love to.

We are based in Duluth, MN and provide shipping and delivery throughout the U.S.A. and Canada.

Once we’ve completed design work with you, our usual lead time for projects is 12-16 weeks from the deposit. 

Every site is different.

For some there is a perfect place already set up, other times we need to crane the sauna over the house.

Our team will work with you to assess the site and solve any of the site prep needs. 

Custom Products

We do. Our outdoor waterfall bucket showers are a joy to use, with a full deluge of water over your head to refresh and enjoy.

Take a look here.

Yes. We built custom cold plunge solutions as well. Cold therapy people and heat therapy/sauna people are always friends. Reach out to our team, and let’s talk about your cold plunge needs. 

You can check out our options here – or set up a time to connect with our team here.

It sure can. We understand the desire to take the wellness practice of sauna on any adventure.

Check out our video of delivering a mobile sauna 1600 miles across the U.S.A.