Frequently Asked Questions

We at Cedar & Stone Nordic Sauna want to support and serve you as best we can. Here are some of the most common questions we get asked. If you don’t see your question here, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Well, life tends to be a little stressful.

And the place for us that relieves our stress the most, tried and true, works every time. Is the nordic sauna.

We at Cedar & Stone provide guided sauna experiences to help people learn the health benefits, the practice, and the history of sauna. Most people have only experienced the sauna at their gym or a sauna at a hotel with a list of rules the size of Wyoming on the wall. Our sauna guides teach you and guide you in an experience that will leave de-stressed and ready to enjoy all that Duluth has to offer.

These experiences can be purchased, per session, as a group, via a membership, or if you need a sauna at your home we can build one for ya.

We provide the highest quality sauna experiences with thoughtful Nordic design, wood-fired stove (built right here in Minnesota), and panoramic views overlooking Lake Superior.

We think of heat like many think about good food or wine.

We think in terms of quality.

And until you have had the best quality you really don’t know what you are missing out on. In terms of quality most gym or hotel saunas leave us let down. If you like things that are done well, of the highest quality, and with attention to detail we know you will enjoy some time here at Cedar & Stone.

Our sauna is a community and public space, and is always a swimsuited sauna.

We are still in the Midwest ya know. Just as in many of the modern community saunas in Finland and the Nordic countries it is common to wear swimwear when in the sauna. In private, backyard, or lake cabin saunas you may consider sauna in the nude.

Here at Cedar & Stone your swimsuit is the only thing you need to bring. We will take care of the rest.

For over 100 years here in Duluth, Minnesota community saunas have existed on the shores of Lake Superior and dotting the hillside.

They have always been spaces for community, health, and wellness.

These were first started in the late 1800s when Duluth experienced waves of immigrants, especially from Finland. These Finnish immigrants didn’t have much for resources, so community saunas were built.

We are reviving that tradition with amazing views of Lake Superior and guided sauna sessions to help you learn about how to get the most out of your sauna experience.

For generations, the benefits of sauna have been told by enthusiasts.

What’s exciting now, is that the scientific research is beginning to prove all of the family tales that Finnish people have lauded so long.

Benefits include:

  • Better sleep
  • Improved heart health
  • Lowered anxiety
  • Increased immunity
  • Detoxification
  • Clearer skin
  • And more

These benefits have been peer-reviewed in scientific journals including the world renown Mayo Clinic.

If you would like to learn more about the health benefits of sauna you can read more here.

We like to ask, how much is it worth to get rid of all your stress?

Because great sauna often does that.

But seriously, our prices are built around giving people one of the greatest experiences of the North, the sauna.

We provide people with the highest quality sauna experience and hope to have you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and connected when you leave. We’ve added beautiful views of Lake Superior, local tea coffee water to help you rehydrate and just about everything you need. All you need is to bring your swimsuit, and we will take care of the rest.

Prices vary based on length of time, and the specific experience purchased. You can find all our sessions and membership information available here.

Our booking is done online via our website here.

You can learn about all of our sessions here.

Then when you are ready please just click the “book now” button on your page.

At times we are able to accommodate day of or walk up bookings. However, it is helpful if you book at least 24 hours in advance so that we can make sure we have a space for you.

If you are interested in booking for a group of ten or more people, or for an event, please contact us.

All of our experiences include:

  • Showers and changing rooms
  • Highest quality wood-fired sauna experience
  • Trained sauna guide to help teach you the wellness benefits, how to, and history of sauna.
  • Breathtaking views of Lake Superior (we are just a few steps from the water)
  • Local tea, coffee (morning sessions), and water for enjoyment and hydration.
  • Fresh towels
  • Time to rest, rejuvenate, and enjoy the wellness benefits of sauna.

And many people have the best night of sleep they have had in months after a sauna session. Let us know how you slept after your session.

Many people only know sauna in their local gym or by the pool in the hotel. This usually looks like hopping into the sauna for a few minutes after their workout.

Yet, not many people know the full practice of sauna that includes hot, cold, rest, rehydrate, and repeat.

This process in our space is guided as much or as little as you like. If you are a sauna veteran who wants very little extra support we will gladly give you the space to enjoy. If you are new and want someone to walk through more of the process we are happy to help.

Just a swimsuit. We will take care of the rest.

Some guest choose to bring sandals and a robe as well, but that is optional.

Fresh towels, showers, changing rooms, and much more to make you comfortable are all provided.

Absolutely, available to all Cedar & Stone guests are showers and changing rooms just steps away at our partner hotel, The Inn on Lake Superior.

And for those who really want a treat, access to the hotel’s rooftop hot tub, full sized pool and indoor hot tub can be added for a small charge upon booking.

Sauna always should include the process of going from hot to cold.

Maybe its as simple as cooling off in our lobby, or as invigorating as jumping in the world’s largest body of freshwater.

Jumping in the lake is something that some of our guests do try if they would like.

However, the lake is a wild lady. Daily access is very dependent upon current conditions of the shoreline.

You can talk with your sauna guide the day of your session to see if lake access is possible. And the legal team wants us to stay that cold plunging and lake swimming is at your own risk. 

For our Winter/Spring residency 2020, we are located adjacent to The Inn on Lake Superior at 350 Canal Park Drive, Duluth, MN.

We are right on Duluth’s Lakewalk on the shores of Lake Superior.

For more info on where to find us with directions and maps see here.

Nope. Sauna is open to all.

We are a locally owned and family run business here in Duluth, MN.

We are partnering with The Inn on Lake Superior as a great way to provide our guests with additional amenities like lodging, showers and changing rooms, and if you want, access to their rooftop hot tub overlooking Duluth’s Aerial Lift Bridge.

We have weekly hours at The Inn on Lake Superior

  • Thursdays 4-8pm
  • Sundays 2-8pm
  • Mondays 7-10am (sunrise sauna); 4-8pm.

We are also available for private sauna sessions by appointment, and large events and gatherings. If interested in a special booking please contact us.

We believe that sauna is an amazing space to connect, gather, and focus on wellness.

We would love to host your corporate event, group party, or evening with just your friends.

If you are interested in scheduling something outside of of our open hours please contact us here.

The health benefits of sauna really begin to set in when you regularly use sauna as a part of your wellness habits.

At Cedar & Stone, we are building a community of people to are wanting to include sauna as a part of their weekly commitment to a flourishing life.

You can find more information on our commitments and investment for membership here.

Only the best saunas. We want to make sure there are many spaces for sauna that meet your needs.

A custom sauna is an investment in you or your family’s well being.

We’d love to find the right solution for you

Wood-fired or electric?

Mobile so you can bring it down to the lake in the summer, or installed at home?

You can learn more about our custom built saunas here. Or if you aren’t ready to build, but want regular sauna check out our membership info here.

We want you and our city to flourish, that’s why.

All who live, learn, work, or play in this city we invite to experience the joys and benefits of sauna.

And we believe that place matters. We love this place. Duluth has world-class outdoor experiences at your fingertips, a creative and growing entrepreneurial community, and 100+ year tradition of community sauna right on the shores of Lake Superior.

It’s quite literally the sauna capital of North America. We couldn’t think of a better spot.

Stop by sometime.