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Get clear on why you're starting a sauna business so it becomes the motivation that propels your business forward for years to come.


Learn what goes into creating an unforgettable visit so you can create an offering that wows guests and keeps them coming back.

commercial SAUNA DESIGN

Make a strategic investment so you don’t waste tens of thousands on a sauna that’s not built for commercial use, your area, or your particular business.

Business model + plan

Combine clarity of vision with the numbers to back it up in order to confidently communicate a business model that works for your finances.

Smooth Operations

Learn industry-specific operations so you can build them into your business instead of learning the hard way.

effective marketing

Develop a marketing message that ensures you'll have guests knocking on your door looking for exactly what you deliver.

learn from our mistakes.

Want to prevent common mistakes that can cost you tens of thousands of dollars? Download our free PDF to find out how.

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Let our experience make the journey easier for you.

We design, build, and install premium quality saunas all over the country.
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Hey aspiring entrepreneurs!

The most difficult part of starting a new venture is often how lonely it can be if you do it alone. From the get go, we’ve tried to create spaces for people to engage and connect, so they can launch their businesses with confidence and community. 

Sauna Business Accelerator was created with you in mind. We understand the unique complexities of being a wellness entrepreneur because we’ve navigated those unknown territories ourselves. In just five years of business, we’ve built and installed heirloom quality saunas across North America and hosted thousands each year through our guided sauna experiences. If you’re as passionate about high-quality sauna as we are (we know, that’s a big ask) we want to help you. This is why we’ve already coached over 50+ businesses to date. 

This 12-month program focuses on six key areas that every sauna entrepreneur needs to launch a successful business: vision, experience design, sauna build, business model and plan, operations, and marketing. Through our thoughtfully conceived coursework, small group coaching, lectures, check-ins, and networking events you can chart your path toward opening a profitable business that also aligns with your core vision and values. 

Whether you’re on day one or one thousand, we’re here to help. You don’t have to continue to feel stuck, overwhelmed, or without direction. Get connected to an industry-specific community of support and begin taking actionable steps toward making your business vision a reality. We’ll be here every step of the way, helping you navigate the market and avoid mistakes or risks that can cost you thousands. 

Ready to take the first step? Book your interview to learn more and enroll. 

Stay Warm, Justin Juntunen 

invest in your future.

Program tuition: $5999

  • 12 months of access to mentorship and focus group support
  • Weekly opportunities for small group coaching
  • Lifetime access to our network
  • Connection to an extensive network of sauna entrepreneurs
  • Online learning platform with mobile and desktop access
  • Weekly video check-ins and updates
  • Monthly large group meetings with lectures and networking
  • Professional and peer review of your business plan​
a clear path forward.

Take the next step in your business journey.