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Florida’s Bright Sauna Future | Annette Scott

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In this episode of Sauna Culture, you’ll hear Annette and Justin unpack how to cultivate vulnerability, belonging, and healing into wellness spaces. Approaching wellness through holistic, psychological, and neuroscience lenses, Annette shares why Tampa, Florida is as fit for sauna as any northern climate. You’ll also hear Annette and Justin share their experiences as wellness entrepreneurs, giving wellness business owners (and the dreamers thereof) an abundance of inspiration and food for thought.

00:04:06:27  Annette’s journey to becoming a wellness entrepreneur

00:11:44:24  Vulnerability in wellness practices

00:19:40:20  Finding the wellness practice that works for you 

00:25:31:22  Sauna and community

00:44:41:10  Being a wellness entrepreneur

Kodawari Studios in Tampa, FL

About Annette Scott

Annette has been teaching conscious movement and personal development since 2004. As a licensed massage therapist, yoga teacher, sauna lead and practitioner, doula, aromatherapist and Reiki practitioner – she creates intimate sacred and healing spaces for those who desire to (re)align their hearts and minds. Annette points the way for you to heal from whatever is holding you back from living in alignment with loving kindness and your dharma. She intuitively offers an organic space to “sync in and up” to whatever is present in your life at the moment. 

Annette’s offerings are based in mindfulness with a dynamic interplay of deep listening, radical respect and acceptance for oneself (and others) while establishing a conscious, compassionate presence. Expect an emphasis on breath and felt sensation. 

Her career has been spent integrating her love of healing toward wholeness through yoga, bodywork, Buddhist and Yogic philosophy, aromatherapy, energy work and functional and dynamic exercise. Conveying the beauty of presence and awareness, in its raw wholeness, her offerings serve to expand your horizon, and encourage anyone interested in their own growth to find new ways of self-discovery.

Annette was originally inspired to become a yoga teacher through her extensive work with Forrest Yoga Guardian, Cheryl Deer. She completed her 200hr and 300hr teacher training with Stephanie Keach at the Asheville School of Yoga. Annette is a lifelong learner and continues to draw from teachers like David Bercelli, Mark Brady, Geshe Michael Roach, Doug Keller, Tom Meyers, Naudi Aguilar and Ido Portal.

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