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The Nordic thermic cycle of hot, cold, rest, rehydrate, and repeat is a balm to the world’s modern stress. We are meant to do hard things. But in the absence of existential challenge, we can lose touch with our bodies, and with the world around us. We get stressed. And it’s hard to know what to do about it. 

We believe sauna is a cultural gift, a way to get back into our bodies, to reduce stress and build resilience.

We believe beauty matters in and of itself. We prize design that is thoughtful, simple, and modern, that solves problems in elegant ways, and that uses natural elements in ways that highlights their intrinsic beauty. We believe in beautiful spaces, beautiful moments, and beautiful experiences.

We value the environment we live in and strive to preserve it. That means building saunas in the most environmentally friendly way we can, taking leadership in green building, and guiding our whole operation in a way that preserves the environment for the next generation.

We believe in making things that last, in marrying the best of traditional craftsmanship and the best of modern technology to build heritage objects, and in continuous learning to make our work ever better. We obsess over a tight miter, a beautifully made towel, and a perfectly curated experience.

We believe in being kind to others and kind to ourselves. To us this means being real, being honest,and having integrity. It means being compassionate. And it means building a fun, trusting work environment that creates shared abundance.


the team
joel vikre
Co-Founder | Design Director
justin juntunen
Co-Founder | CEO
charlie hilligoss
Director of Operations
micah tigner
Build Director
derek plagman
Sales Manager
lauren dahmes
Marketing Manager
johnny stasiak
Project Manager
neil rasmussen
General Manager, Duluth
peyton stasiak
Director of Experience
avery casar
Production Manager
tom lloyd
Education Development
joe shedd
Lead Carpenter
nick monson
Lead Carpenter
ian viera
Skilled Carpenter
alan scichilone
Skilled Carpenter
pentti hanlon
cory coffman
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