The sauna is a fascinating design problem. Extreme temperatures, significant humidity changes, and a very specific desired use. Quality sauna should effectively kill all of your stress, tried and true, every time. It sure does for us.

Some saunas may look simple, but to design them well takes time, ingenuity, and expertise. Too often we see saunas built to sell, not to last. We believe if you are investing in wellness you should invest in quality.

Heirloom quality for generations of wellness is our aim.

Hear from our team on why we build, and our process for creating some of North America’s best saunas.

Why We Build

Let’s build something together

We believe your sauna should be designed exactly for the space you will
be enjoying it.

Need some more room for the kids? Great.

Outdoor shower perhaps? Simple.

Want the app enable stove so you can start heating the sauna on your way home from work? No problem.

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