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The Essentials of being a Sauna Guide

Watch here while our experience team processes the ways in which the sauna guide functions, their most valuable moments, and why it means a lot to them

What is a sauna guide?

In many ways, we are building a community. A community around sauna.

Meet Emma, Sera, Peyton, and Liv. All members of our experience team here in Duluth, MN. These people are on a mission to educate people about high quality sauna, the importance of sauna within a community, and the ways in which it can be a profound resource for people.

From the conception of Cedar and Stone Nordic Sauna — our team has been on a mission to alleviate stress and anxiety. Our CEO and founder Justin Juntunen grew up with this incredible practice, saw the ways draws people nearer to stress relief, and knew that the community of Duluth, MN was the perfect place to place the highest quality sauna.

Every weekend on the shores of Lake Superior, you can find one of these people tending carefully to a wood stove, educating people about sauna, and curating premium, guided sauna experiences.

One of the joys of sauna is that it is available to so many different types of people. With varying experiences, bodies, knowledge of sauna, and interests. The role of the sauna guide is very much about meeting people where they are.

If you are a sauna connoisseur — you often wonder what a guided experience might entail. You already know “how” to sauna. And we know and love that. We are there to make sure that you have everything you need, feel treated, and that the room is nice and hot for you.

“One of the joys of sauna is that it is available to so many different types of people.”

If you are new thermal bathing, we function as a guiding hand, a source of education, and an encouraging friend. Being in 190F degree for the first time is something of a feat — and the opportunity to feel really empowered by the experience is something we feel is really possible. And guides are there to make sure you have what you need to have the best experience possible.

It would be an honor to host you at our Canal Park sauna location on the shores of Lake Superior — where we are learning more and more about the ways that the sauna has woven its way into the lives of many. Hosting folks for guided sauna has committed us more deeply to the cultural relevance, wellness benefits, and overall vitality that sauna brings.

Learn more about our experience offerings here and how we are guiding folks who join us to live, work, or play in Duluth, MN.

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