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Leader of the Pack Podcast: Justin Juntunen Chats with Tom Sega of Duluth Pack

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This podcast episode and article was originally published by our friends at Duluth Pack for their Leader of the Pack Podcast with Tom Sega. Check them out here.

A Zoom sit-down conversation with Justin Juntunen, Founder and CEO of Cedar & Stone Nordic Sauna. Esko, Minnesota, born and bred, Justin shares over the next hour with Duluth Pack‘s CEO, Tom Sega, about his childhood involving family entrepreneurs who inspired him to push the limits and create an unmatched professional drive.

Justin explains his career transition from collegiate education to ultimately founding his own company around his passion for the health benefits and stress-relieving experiences of Nordic saunas.

He shares the importance of being a Minnesota manufacturer and how he has scaled his business to bring over 1 million people together to sauna along with creating a floating sauna experience on Lake Superior. Talk about some steamy details.

In this episode, Tom and Justin also discuss:
The differences between infrared and authentic Nordic saunas
The science of the woods we choose
The construction processes of Cedar and Stone products
A look inside the experiences we offer

Enjoy this week’s episode of Leader of the Pack, a podcast by Duluth Pack.

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