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How We Design Floating Saunas | Dive Deep with Joel and Justin

Boats have a design language all their own. Cedar & Stone’s Design Director and Co-Founder, Joel Vikre, talks all things designing, building, and enjoying floating saunas with CEO and Co-Founder, Justin Juntunen. From the complexity of designing something that can exist in the harsh conditions of water to what entities you need to work with to legally operate a floating sauna, we hit on all the details of bringing these one of a kind builds to life (and sea.)

In this video, we dive into:
1:50 – Floating Sauna Design
3:56 – Commercial vs. Recreational Uses
7:08 – Marine Design and Compliance

Learn more about how we are creating these saunas: https://cedarandstonesauna.com/build/

Start your floating sauna design project: https://cedarandstonesauna.com/build/bespoke/

Watch the conversation:

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