Cedar and Stone Nordic Sauna


How to Survive a Stress-Filled Life

Relaxing in the Cedar and Stone Nordic Sauna
Relaxing in the Cedar and Stone Nordic Sauna

It’s no secret: we live in a high-pressure, high-stress society. You may be living with a bit of stress in your life.

We sure are.

But, what if there was a way to reduce your stress that worked every time. We know a way and want to guide you.

You have more important work to do in the world than deal with your daily stress. You have hopes, dreams, and goals to achieve.

Let us introduce you to the most effective and efficient method of reducing our stress—The Nordic Sauna.

Our lives are stressful, sauna changes that.

Cedar & Stone Nordic Sauna will offer unmatched wellness practices, centered around the Nordic thermic cycle of heat, cold, rest, rehydrate, and repeat.

Our Finnish sauna, cold plunge, and spaces for rest and connection will provide guests with an unforgettable experience of the North. An experience you will be sure to share and return to regularly. Join us in pursuing healthier, more present, and successful lives.

Welcome to the Finnish sauna capital of North America — Duluth, Minnesota.

Join us.

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