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Sauna House has become one of the leading bathhouse brands in the country, working on growing and franchising throughout the USA. Along with a recently finished Cedar and Stone mobile sauna for retreats, events, and activations across the map, the Sauna House team is also looking forward to their second location opening soon in Durham, North Carolina. Join us as we reflect on Andrew Lachlan’s journey to becoming a leader in the North American sauna market. 

"We live in a world that is designed to be 72-74 degrees all the time. And that’s not good for us as a species.”

In a world where temperatures are meticulously set between 72 to 74 degrees, Andrew, a native of Northeast Philly, found himself on a unique journey inspired by temperature—one that led him from the bustling streets of San Francisco to the serene mountains of Asheville. This journey, ignited by a chance encounter with a sauna in an old school apartment complex, eventually sparked the creation of Sauna House Asheville, a haven for wellness enthusiasts seeking a break from the constant hum of modern life.

Embracing the Unexpected: A Sauna Discovery

Andrew’s introduction to the world of sauna was anything but conventional. As he navigated the diverse neighborhoods of San Francisco, he stumbled upon a forgotten sauna in the basement of his apartment complex. “I kicked it on, cleaned it out, and just gave it a go. It was just a random time. I had heard about sauna on the Tim Ferriss podcast with Rhonda Patrick.” This serendipitous discovery marked the beginning of a 30-day challenge proposed by a friend, that would change his perspective on wellness.

This exploration into sauna and cold water therapy quickly became a personal journey. Inspired by his friend’s success with cold water therapy for various health challenges like sleep apnea and TMJ, Andrew embraced the trial. The profound impact on his mental and physical well-being fueled his passion for these traditional Nordic practices. He recalls thinking, “There is something special about this, and I really fell in love with it out in San Francisco.”

From the West Coast to the Mountains of Asheville

As life’s path led Andrew back to the East Coast, the enchanting mountains and vibrant mountain biking culture of Asheville captured his heart. Encouraged by his wife, Kate, Andrew delved deeper into the world of bathhouses. “We traveled to Europe, we went all over the place, and then I started to meet and call all of the different bathhouse owners in America. And there’s not that many; it’s a small niche market.” A chance meeting during a mountain biking excursion introduced him to the property he would later lease and renovate, setting the stage for Sauna House Asheville.

The decision to open a sauna house was not only a business venture but a commitment to share the transformative benefits Andrew experienced. His vision extended beyond the physical detox offered by sauna sessions; it encompassed a digital detox, providing visitors with a rare respite from the constant onslaught of technology.

A Sauna Oasis in Asheville

Sauna House Ashville, an urban retreat surrounded by the Great Smoky Mountains, stands as an oasis for those seeking a reprieve from the ordinary. The authenticity and quality of the sauna experience offered at his location reflect Andrew’s dedication to providing a genuine wellness journey. “The United States needs more stress reduction than any other first-world country, I believe, and I’m glad to be a purveyor of it.”

In a world where stress reduction is paramount, Sauna House Asheville offers a unique escape. The communal bathing experience, rooted in tradition, converges with modern insights on performance enhancement helping athletes reset their bodies and increase gains. The combination of sauna and cold therapy not only offers a reset for the nervous system but also contributes to a myriad of health benefits.

I don’t feel like there are many spaces in the world that are so malleable that they can be a space of solitude, a space of mindfulness, and yet at the same time be about community, connection, and gregarious fun. And that tension isn’t often found — plus the health benefits side of, you can train and get better gains and reset,” chimed in Cedar and Stone Founder, Justin Juntunen.

The Mindfulness Connection

Andrew’s emphasis on mindfulness extends beyond the sauna experience. Sauna House Asheville serves as a space where individuals intentionally detach from their devices. In a society inundated with constant stimuli, the two-hour sanctuary becomes a haven for attention and focus restoration. “When people are at Sauna House for 2 hours they got this break and they are like, ‘Wow, why was that two hours so wonderful?’ Well yeah, our place is awesome and sauna and cold therapy are awesome, but they weren’t distracted from the present moment in any way.”

As Andrew shares the vision and mission of Sauna House Asheville, the conversation turns to the power of mindfulness, the ancient practice of sauna, and the integration of cold water therapy. Our YouTube video with Andrew captures the essence of his journey—from the random discovery of a forgotten sauna to the intentional creation of a wellness space in Asheville.

Discovering wellness through sauna and cold therapy is not just a journey for the body but a true exploration of the mind. Sauna House Asheville stands as a testament to the power of ancient practices in the modern world, offering a retreat where individuals can rediscover balance and well-being, one session at a time.

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