Juntunen Family - Why we Started Cedar and Stone Nordic Sauna
Juntunen Family - Why we Started Cedar and Stone Nordic Sauna

It’s time for a little introduction. We are the Juntunens, a family with one of those hard to pronounce Nordic last names. We are, Justin and Gretchen, two proud Minnesotans who moved away years ago, but winters were not cold enough everywhere else so returned to Duluth to sink roots into the city we love. Since returning to Duluth, we added a few kiddos to the mix, our daughter Rowan, and our little fella Otto.

We want to invest in our community — Duluth, MN — and we can think of no better way to help our community flourish than through the gift of sauna

We know the stresses of parenting, work, and life. Stressors you may feel as well. We believe there is no better way to reduce our stress than the sauna

So we are launching Cedar & Stone Nordic Sauna for you. We hope you join us in melting away the stresses of life, as we provide you with the best experience of the North.

This has been a dream that is a long time in the making. Justin, has grown up in saunas built them, and along the way helped so many friends learn to love sauna. Gretchen being one of those adoptees into the way of sauna. 

Please feel free to reach out and connect with us anytime or join us for a sauna session if you find yourself in this great city we call home.

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