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The Forest is Your Friend | Silvae Spiritus

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In this episode of Sauna Culture, you’ll hear Leigha and Travis share their process of co-founding Silvae Spiritus. They unpack the history and wellness benefits of forest bathing, the inspiration, beauty,  and challenge of transplanting from city life, and gush about all the wonders you can expect at their nature retreat center in MN. From sauna, to outdoor hot and cold tubs,  to forest bathing – transformation awaits you at Silvae Spiritus.

03:45 Leigha and Travis talk about putting down roots as they launch Silvae Spiritus

12:03 Being drawn to the forest

19:18 What is forest bathing? 

23:51 Why forest bathing? 

29:40  Creating space for transformation, connection, and evolution

A cat sits on a chair in front of the sauna at Silvae Spiritus in Finlayson, Minnesota.
Silvae Spiritus in Finlayson, MN

About Silvae Spiritus

Leigha Horton and Travis Norman are the co-founders of Silvae Spriritus Nature and Forest Therapy, which has recently expanded to a Northwoods Nature Retreat featuring a wood-fired sauna and wood-fired hot tub, nestled on 30 acres of woods, meadows, and ponds in Finlayson, Minnesota.  There they guide Forest Bathing walks, sauna sessions, and host immersive Nature Retreats to reconnect us with ourselves, each other, and our living world.

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