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Coastal Maine Model 5

Coastal Maine Atlantic sea breezes and cold plunging 12 months a year, followed by an escape to a beautifully designed modern sauna from Cedar and Stone Nordic Sauna, on a natural stone patio steps from the water. Learn more:

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Understanding Sauna Business Models that Work: From Mobile Rentals to Immaculate Bathhouses

 Are you asking if investing in a sauna startup could be profitable for you? Are you beginning to sketch out the business of your dreams that serves your community and also creates profit? Startup costs can be mysterious, daunting, and difficult to figure out. In our latest interactive webinar, the conversation was dedicated to understanding startup costs for sauna businesses. This helps you to discern how much your vision costs, how much money you have, and where to start taking action. 

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The Healing Power of Contrast Therapy for Athletes: A Runner’s Guide

Runners are known for pushing their bodies to the limit, challenging themselves to go faster, farther, and stronger with each stride. However, this intense physical exertion can take a toll on muscles and joints, leading to soreness, inflammation, and fatigue. To support our bodies in the recovery process, many athletes turn to traditional sauna sessions and cold plunge therapy as effective tools to rejuvenate and restore.

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Sauna as Medicine? Psychologists Say Yes

According to the CDC, more than 1 in 5 US adults live with a mental illness. Western medicine is often quick to point to pharmaceuticals as the answer to managing these conditions, but doctors and scientists are starting to ask another question…what about sauna?

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