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The Reverend Hunter Podcast: Sauna is a verb

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This podcast episode and article was originally published by our friends at The Reverend Hunter Podcast. Check them out here.

Our CEO and founder Justin Juntunen spent time chatting about the flourishing of Duluth, Minnesota.

How he began deriving inspiration from his family’s tradition of sauna, time spent in Finland with his wife Gretchen, and a deep calling to care for the place that he loves.

Stress and anxiety was something Justin knew plagued his city — and cities everywhere. His pursuit of wellness and strength for communicating about sauna has brought him to a place of humility and generosity.

Our podcast host Tony Jones got to hop in our flagship sauna in Canal Park last month — and was brought back to a place of deep nostalgia. Experiencing the embodied wellness experience that sauna is.

Learn a little more about Justin’s inspiration for the business and the ways you can learn more about how to get involved.

Are your gears turning after tuning in? We’re building custom built saunas for folks everywhere and hosting sauna sessions on Lake Superior. How do you want to be involved with us?

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