Boutique Landscape Resort | Nordlys Lodging Co.

Project Details:

  • Project Type: Commercial, Model 3
  • Location: Frederic, WI
  • Overall Size: 7′ 6″ W x 9′ L x 9′ 4″ H
  • Capacity: Up to 3 people
  • Finishes & Features: Arbor Wood Burnt + Brushed Pine, cedar decking, Wi-Fi enabled HUUM Electric Stove

Project Story:

Just 90 minutes from the Twin Cities, two architecturally distinct cabins sit nestled on 140 acres of pristine Wisconsin wilderness. Nordlys invites guests to “experience each season’s unique beauty: Amble through midsummer meadows, hike autumn-hued woods, or bask in the stillness of fresh winter snow. Whether your idea of adventure is hiking our trails, biking the rural roads, snowshoeing around the pond, or just reading a book and sipping coffee by the fire, you’ll find it here.”

Jeff McPheeters, who created this expansive nature retreat with his father, shared, “When we were looking at saunas, we wanted to give an experience that was at the same level as the architecture of our cabins, and something that really fit in and was very high-quality. When we found Cedar & Stone, the aesthetic was quite similar to our cabins, you have lots of vertical grain wood, big glass windows, and a sturdy, solid feel. This cabin is rented most nights year-round, and so the sauna is going to be used potentially 300-350 days a year so we wanted something that was very high quality, that would last.”

Added as an exclusive amenity to guests of their MetalLark Tower, a Model 3 outdoor sauna sits steps away from the bedside window. Guests can warm up the hot room from the coziness of the cabin via a built-in tablet and Huum Sauna app.

A repeat guest recently shared of her stay, “Two words come to mind: sunrise sauna. I highly recommend it. Or end of the day if that’s your sauna thing. Don’t miss this place…it’ll heal your soul.”

Ready to elevate your short-term rental space with an authentic Nordic sauna? Get started.

Visit our friends at Nordlys Lodging Co. to book your wilderness escape.

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