Nashville’s Studio for Sauna and Cold Plunge | Framework


  • Project Type: Commercial, Custom Sauna
  • Location: Nashville, TN
  • Overall Size: 8′ x 12′
  • Capacity: 8-10 people
  • Finishes & Features: Arbor Wood Co. thermally-modified pine cladding, cedar decking, Harvia Wi-Fi-enabled electric stove, Nordic Window Wall from H Window Company

Project Story

Meet Allen Penn, a great friend, driven entrepreneur, and fellow lover of hot and cold exposure. 👋🏼

“After spending a decade working in the tech industry and a move to Music City weeks before the pandemic, Allen wanted less screen-time and more life-time. As much community as he can foster. Fewer fad workouts and more tried-and-true, foundational ways to fortify his health. And as a 40-year-old with a one-year-old daughter at home, his longevity became even more of a priority.”

Enter Framework, Nashville’s studio for sauna and cold plunge. 

Over the last year, we’ve spent hours dreaming, designing, and building a custom commercial sauna for Allen’s flagship location while also planning ahead for more locations across the country. It’s been an honor working with the Framework team to design this architecturally-driven commercial sauna space for guests to unplug and improve their health, through this cultural gift that has been practiced for generations.

The Framework experience also includes cold plunge tubs from COLDTUB™, and waterfall showers, providing the cold element of the thermic cycle — hot, cold, rest, rehydrate, repeat.

In Allen’s Words

Read what Allen had to share about his experience partnering with Cedar and Stone to turn his commercial sauna dreams into reality: 

“It was clear from my first conversation with Justin that not only did he and the Cedar & Stone team knew how to build beautiful, unique, high-performing saunas but they also deeply understood the member experience that I wanted to design into the heart of Framework. They have been partners to Framework’s development from the beginning, helping to influence the layout of our Flagship facility, consulting on the design process for our 7 saunas, building our initial outdoor sauna that’s currently steaming away at our just opened launch location, and even hosting us for a sauna and lake plunge session in Duluth! Such great partners and friends.”

Located in the Nashville area or planning a trip and want to visit? Book your sauna and cold plunge experience with Framework.

So much more to come on our work together (like six whole saunas more.)

Work with us

We’ve partnered with dozens of business owners who don’t want to sacrifice beauty for functionality. We use experience driven design to guide the process with each commercial client, ensuring every sauna can hold up to hosting thousands of guests each year.

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Photographs by: Jessica Steddom Photography

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