Cedar and Stone Nordic Sauna


Honoring Immigrant and Indigenous Culture through Sauna | Arne Vainio, M.D.

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Episode Show Notes:

In this episode, you’ll be taken on a journey through the exceptional life of  Arne Vainio, as he shares stories of growing up Finnish and Ojibwe, his journey to becoming a physician, and how sauna has shaped his life.

00:05:02:00 Arne’s origin story

00:15:18:12 Arne on his family history

00:39:50:23 Arne’s journey to become a physician

00:52:19:29 Why sauna?

01:03:01:19 Arne’s sweet, sweet wisdom

About Arne Vainio

Arne Vainio, M.D. was born to a Finnish father and an Ojibwe mother, one of seven children. When he was four years old, his father died by suicide and poverty for his family followed. He credits less than a double handful of people for changing his course and advises we are all that person for someone who might be lost. 

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