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Guys Trip Podcast: Prioritizing People Over Profits with Justin Juntunen

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This podcast episode and article was originally published by our friends at Guys Trip with Kyle Depiesse Podcast. Check them out here.

Our CEO and founder Justin Juntunen spent time chatting with Kyle about building a business and community focused on the traditions and culture of sauna.

We talked about his journey starting the company, using high-quality American-made materials, and prioritizing your people over short-term profits.

Tune in for this inspirational story and lessons any entrepreneur or business owner could take away, with some great lessons on building something sustainable for the long haul.

In this episode, you will learn:
Prioritizing culture over profits to attract talented people.
How to set big goals and scale sustainably through systems.
Creating a compelling vision that people want to join.

Are your gears turning after tuning in? We’re building custom built saunas for folks everywhere and hosting sauna sessions on Lake Superior. How do you want to be involved with us?

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