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Business Ownership
Cedar and Stone

Navigating the Most Common Roadblocks of Building a Bathhouse

It’s easy to feel like there’s a maze of details in the way of getting your bathhouse, public sauna, or spa built. In fact, navigating the red tape is one of the biggest challenges we hear from aspiring sauna entrepreneurs. That’s why we’re providing some priceless insight into this common difficulty from an expert in the field. Join us for this interactive discussion with Leonid Khanin, Co-Founder & Design Director for World Spa which is Brooklyn’s premier wellness sanctuary.

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How to sauna
Justin Juntunen

The Year-Round Ritual: Why Saunas are Perfect for Every Season

Incorporating a sauna into your year-round routine offers countless benefits and enhances your connection to the changing seasons. We invite you to explore the beauty and wellness that a sauna can bring to your life, no matter the time of year. Embrace the warmth, refresh and renew, cool down to heat up, and prepare for the cold with a sauna that supports your health and happiness all year long.

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