Your weekend just got warmer

Imagine your weekend amidst towering pines, warm cup of tea in hand, steam rising from your shoulders as you enjoy connection and conversation with friends in the sauna. Join us this weekend to rest and relax.

Sunday, Jan. 19th from 12-6pm.
45min session | $29

Nestled beneath the pine trees of the northern forest.
4736 Rice Lake Rd
Duluth, MN

Our sessions include the highest quality sauna, heated changing room, local tea/coffee/water, and sauna guide to help you learn all of the wellness benefits of sauna. Restrooms available on site.

Bring a swimsuit, towel, and water bottle. And heck, bring a few friends. We will take care if the rest.

Cedar and Stone Sauna Session Memberships in Duluth, Minnesota

Hosted by our friends at Knutson Custom Construction